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Predicting NFL Division Winners


Although the NFL’s regular season is still months away, it’s never too early to start thinking about who the top teams will be and who to wager on. Hardly anyone thought the Baltimore Ravens would be Super Bowl champs before last season began, so will we see a surprise again this year? Or will one of the favorites go the distance? Here are our predictions for the division champs.

AFC East – New England Patriots

No surprise here. Though the Dolphins and the Bills could be more competitive in 2013, the Patriots will still be the top dog in the AFC East. New England did lose Wes Welker to free agency, but with so many other weapons and with the one of the best coaches in the business, expect the Pats to win another East title.

AFC North – Cincinnati Bengals

After winning the Super Bowl last year, many will take the Ravens to win the division again, but after losing Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and Anquan Boldin, the Ravens won’t be the same powerful team. Meanwhile, the Bengals are the real up-and-comer in the division. They’ve made the playoffs the past two years as a wild card and with one of the more youthful teams in the league, they are just waiting to break through.

AFC South – Houston Texans

This was actually a bit of a tough call considering the Colts are another up-and-comer in the AFC. However, Houston still has all the weapons to compete for an AFC title. The big thing for the Texans will be staying healthy, which for now, we can assume they will.

AFC West – Denver Broncos 

Last year, Peyton Manning proved he’s still got it and the Broncos went on an incredible regular season run. One bonehead play cost them a spot in the AFC title game last year and you better believe they won’t make the same mistake twice. The addition of Wes Welker will also help the Broncos move the chains in clutch situations.

NFC East – Washington Redskins

Obviously, there are some big questions surrounding Robert Griffin III and if he will remain healthy after suffering a major injury at the end of last year, but with the Cowboys seemingly going nowhere and with the Giants’ reign as East champs fading, I like the Skins to come out of the East this year.

NFC North – Green Bay Packers

The Pack should be back with plenty of firepower in 2013, while the Bears and Vikings will have to prove that they belong. After playing a soft schedule, the Bears were fortunate to even be in the mix last year and the Vikings certainly surprised everyone with their strong 2012. However, the Packers still have the weapons and the experience, as well as one of the best QBs in the game.

NFC South – Atlanta Falcons

I do think the Tampa Bay Bucs could give the Falcons a run for their money this year, but with all of their stars returning, there’s no reason the Falcons shouldn’t repeat as South champs.

NFC West – Seattle Seahawks

I’m going against the grain here with the Seahawks, a team with youth, talent on both sides of the ball and experience, after making the playoffs last year. You could say the 49ers have the same, but since Colin Kaepernick still hasn’t played a full NFL season, I’m not convinced he can duplicate what he did at the end of last year.

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