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Preseason Week 3: What We Learned From Jets vs Giants?

The question posed in the title, “What we learned from Jets vs Giants,” is one that I am going to answer in the first sentence.  We learned that Geno Smith is not ready to be an NFL quarterback and that Rex Ryan is still one of football’s worst decision makers.  Now lets look at each one of those things separately.

First, let’s discuss Geno Smith.  Smith got to start for his team, the New York Jets, against the New York Giants, an opportunity he should have made the most of.  Instead we have this:

Now, I am going to explain to you what you just saw as I realize it is not the highest quality video, and you may also not believe what you are seeing.  Geno Smith runs to the back of the endzone, facing pressure from one defender.  Instead of spiking the ball for an incomplete or making literally any other decision as it would likely be better, he steps out of bounds in the back of the endzone which results in a safety.

Smith also tossed three interceptions during the game.  Smith is a rookie.  Not all rookie QBs can be RGIII.  Sometimes it takes time to transition properly into the big leagues.  It was clear that Sanchez would have the starting position, at least for this season or until Smith could get into better shape to play in the NFL.  Which now brings us to the second thing we will be discussing:

NFL: Preseason-New York Jets at New York Giants

Yeah, that is an injured Mark Sanchez.  The guy the Jets clearly needed as a starter after Smith’s performances over the last few games.  After Smith’s third interception, he was pulled.  However, he was not replaced by the third string.  Instead it was Sanchez that inexplicably jogged onto the field.  Sanchez was to play 11 minuets in the fourth quarter.  ‘Was’ being the key word, as his arm got injured and had to also be pulled.  He went for x-rays and we still await the results.  So now the Jets may have to choose between their second and third string quarterback come their season opener.

Rex Ryan took the full blame for Sanchez (because it is all his fault) saying it was his decision to play Sanchez, and he was there to compete.  Let’s hope he realizes he was competing to win a meaningless game that may have cost him his starter.  The Jets did win this meaningless game however, so there’s that.

One positive note, I went a whole article writing about the Jets without mention the “butt fumble” until the last sentence.

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