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Raiders LB Aldon Smith Checks Into Rehab

Image via Zimbio

Image via Zimbio

Oakland Raiders defensive end Aldon Smith has reportedly checked into a rehabilitation center in the wake of a scandal that indicates he isn’t staying sober.

TMZ Sports has the report:

“Unclear exactly what Smith is seeking treatment for — but the move comes days after the Oakland Raiders star denied being in a video that appeared to show him with a blunt.”

Smith, who has been posting videos to the Periscope account @ravenga, posted a “fire-up session” recently that caught the attention of the NFL. At one point at the end, he says “It’s not like I put Aldon Smith…” in the account biography.

After using his Twitter account to seemingly deny it was him on the video, Smith appears to now be taking a different approach, checking into rehab.

Already suspended for a year due to multiple infractions, Smith could be looking at even more trouble with the league if the NFL deems the video and reported rehab as sufficient evidence to discipline him further.

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