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Raiders’ McFadden Hoping for Same Results vs. Pittsburgh

The trade deadline in the NFL is Tuesday and one name being tossed around in a possible trade to the New York Jets or the Dallas Cowboys is Darren McFadden the running back for the AFC West Oakland Raiders.

Nevertheless, McFadden has to put all that aside and concentrate on his next opponent the Pittsburgh Steelers against whom he has had good success in the past. Last season he had 113 yards averaging 6.3 yards per carry vs. the Steelers, including a long scoring run of 64 yards.

McFadden knows the Steelers will pay tough hard-nosed football in the trenches and he will have to earn each and every yard on Sunday. The versatile running back for Oakland says the team has some new looks and schemes they want to use to see if they can bust open some big plays versus Pittsburgh.

McFadden sat out of Oakland’s win against the San Diego Chargers on October 6 due to an injured hamstring, but returned to face Kansas City prior to Oakland having a bye week. This season McFadden has rushed for 267 yards on 69 carries for a 3.87 yards per carry average, while scoring two touchdowns.

However, leading the Raiders in rushing is their dual-threat quarterback Terrelle Pryor who has 289 on the ground on just 43 carries for an average of 6.72 yards per carry.

McFadden knows that in a contract year he would appear to be good trade bait from the perspective of the Raiders. There has to be a reason Oakland has yet to re-up his contract with his past injuries. Nevertheless, the talented back has loads of potential.

That is why McFadden knows he has to prove something to not only his loyal Raiders fans, the coaching staff, his teammates but as well to the league in general.

McFadden is pleased that Stefen Wisniewski the Raiders center is set to return to action on Sunday. With the line recovering from injuries, it will only make life easier for McFadden, as it has not been that way for the past few weeks in Oakland.

You might see the return of the McFadden of two seasons ago when he was having an MVP season until he went down with a foot injury that ended his season. He says he will never change his physical style of play, but he is in his sixth year and has never played more than 13 games in any on NFL season.

However, it would not surprise anyone if he were suiting up in a different colored uniform after this Sunday. His performance on Sunday might go a long way in helping another team to decide to trade for him to fill a gaping hole in their offense. Dallas with an injured DeMarco Murray might be the spot for McFadden.

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