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Raiders Could Play Woodson on Offense vs. Chargers

Already out of playoff contention after such an enterprising start to the year, the Oakland Raiders have gone with a unique selling point to bring out the fans ahead of the team’s last home game of 2015. Come to the O.co Coliseum this Christmas Eve, and you might just see Charles Woodson score a touchdown.

But why is that so exciting, one might ask? After all, Woodson has made a habit of scoring defensive touchdowns during his long and illustrious career. In 18 years, he’s taken an interception or a fumble to the house 13 times.

But in his last ever appearance before the Oakland faithful, the Raiders are contemplating giving the veteran some offensive snaps just to see him score one more time.

“That’s been in discussion ever since we started the season,” said Oakland’s offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave. “We may have something up our sleeve. [Thursday Night Football] would be a good time to do it,” he added tantalisingly.

So where and when might Woodson expect to see some game time on the opposite side of the field? Despite being a feared two-way player during his college career at Michigan, Woodson was developed into a specialist defensive back upon entering the NFL, and has only caught 2 passes for 27 yards. His last reception occurred at the turn of the millennium.

As such, you can probably expect Woodson to line up in goal line sets exclusively. Unlike fellow dominant defender J.J. Watt, who likes to line up at tight end on short yardage, Woodson will be out wide, and possibly given the chance to snag in a corner fade or two. Goodness knows he’s had enough experience at it already.

This time though, Woodson will have to ignore every instinct in his body telling him to bat the ball down or even take it back 100 yards in the opposite direction.

Whether the respected veteran is gifted a score or not, Musgrave’s comments ring true. “It’s his last game at home. [We’re] looking to put out a great performance in honor of him.” Said “great performance” won’t be left wanting by Woodson, either.

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