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Raiders QB Derek Carr Happy Team Isn’t Chasing Free Agents

USA Today

Coming off their double-digit winning season in more than a decade, the Oakland Raiders are in unfamiliar territory this offseason, in that they aren’t desperate chasing free agents to help piece together something that may or may not pass as a football team come fall. 

According to Pro Bowl quarterback Derek Carr, this is a good thing.

“For so long, our fans were looking forward to free agency. They were chomping at the bit. They couldn’t wait for it, all the way until this year,” Carr said Friday, via CSN Bay Area.  “Now, Reggie (McKenzie) and (head coach Jack Del Rio) and our front office has done such a good job adding talent through the draft or free agency leading up to this, that we have a solid team. Now we just need a couple pieces to come in and help. Now we’re in a spot where our front office can take care of their own and do those types of things. That is a really good thing to have. As exciting as free agency is, if you don’t have to be involved, I think it’s a really good problem to have for an organization.”

Carr certainly isn’t wrong here. Desperate franchises are always the most active in free agency. It must be nice not to be slugging it out with the Redskins and Browns for players other teams didn’t care enough to sign. 

For the first time in a very long time, the future looks bright for the Raiders.

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