Rangers and Stoll Agree to Terms

The New York Rangers have decided to give Jarret Stoll the free agent center formerly of the Los Angeles Kings another chance. The Rangers signed Stoll this week to a $800,000 one-year deal just a couple of months following his guilty plea in a case involving cocaine.

The deal gives the best team in the NHL during the 2014 regular season a center that is one of the best on face offs, good for penalty killing and an experienced veteran who is aware of what is needed to win a Stanley Cup.

Obviously, the negative is Stoll’s recent off ice problems. The veteran, who is 33, pleaded guilty to reduced charges in June to end a cocaine case that stemmed from his arrest in April at a swimming pool in Las Vegas. A cocaine possession charge, which is a felony, was dismissed.

MGM Grand security guards found what police believed to be about 3.3 grams of cocaine and a number of ecstasy tablets in the player’s pocket April 17.

The veteran center finished 32 hours of his community service. He is starting a program that helps others learn more about the how dangerous it is to use controlled substances and alcohol.

Jeff Gorton the general manager of the Rangers said he spend a great deal of time talking with Stoll about the Vegas incident and is not worried due to how Stoll has handled the situation thus far. The Rangers organization talked to people who knew him prior to him reaching the NHL as well.

Gorton said people told him Stoll had a great character but made a huge mistake. We want to move forward, added Gorton and once the team is on the ice, he does not think the incident will be any real issue.

Stoll would not discuss the incident surrounding the arrest. When he was asked if people had the right to be concerned with the team signing someone involved with a cocaine case he replied he knows the kind of person he is and the hockey player he is. He added that people that are close to him know what he is like and the outside world can think what they want and it will not impact on him or the way he plays hockey.

Stoll said he just wants to play for New York and help them win a Stanley Cup and did not want to talk about his past.

Stoll has 792 NHL games to his credit over 12 seasons with Los Angeles and Edmonton.

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