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Rapid Rookie Chase Brown ‘Bringing A Spark’

Rookie Cincinnati Bengals RB Chase Brown says he didn’t begin to use his speed as an advantage until this year.

It’s taken a while for Chase Brown to establish himself due to injuries throughout the first part of the season. When he started playing, he caught the eye.

Against the Jaguars Chase Brown ran for 61 yards on 9 carries. Against the Colts, he opened the scoring with a 54-yard screen touchdown. He reached a top speed of 22.05 mph on that score, making it the second-quickest play by a carrier this year.


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“We’ve learned he is that fast,” said Bengals head coach Zac Taylor. “We do the GPS in practice on kickoff return, things like that. He’s had opportunities to show how fast he is. Second fastest? That’s pretty good. He’s a fast guy. Real fast.”

“I think he’s stepping in and doing his thing,” said Joe Mixon. 

“He’s bringing a spark and I feel he’s doing a great job, especially as a rookie, he’s learned the playbook. He’s doing all the right things right and (we’ve) just got to keep it up. We’re feeding off each other, so once you make one play, that leads to another. Everybody’s going to need it.”


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“I was more slow-paced (in college),” Brown said. “Once I got to the NFL and working with coach (Justin) Hill, the main thing is using that speed as an advantage. That’s something we were talking about all week. When the opportunity was there, and I saw tons of space, I thought I’m going to turn on the jets. Especially after that big run against Jacksonville, I thought if I could turn on the jets, I could make a big play.”

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