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Red Sox and Rays Almost Come to Blows at Fenway

The summer heat is still off the horizon but things are heating up quickly in Boston between the Red Sox and American League rivals the Tampa Bay Rays.

On Friday night, the Red Sox and Rays almost came to blows after David Ortiz was hit by a 94 mph fastball from David Price the Rays lefty ace.

It was the first pitch Price had thrown to Ortiz since the Red Sox designated hitter hit two home runs off the southpaw last October during the AL Division Series.

Ortiz was livid after the incident saying he had lost his respect for Price and that it was now war.

When all was said and done, the Red Sox produced a walk off 10th inning 3-2 win. However, more fireworks could be in the making for Saturday and Sunday.

The win was Boston’s fifth straight after losing 10 straight and their second walk off win is as many nights.

Ortiz challenged Price by saying Price better have his gloves on the next time they see each other.

Price was asked following the game if he hit the Red Sox DH intentionally. The Tampa ace responded by saying he needed to establish an inside fastball and with six left-handed batters in the lineup that was his favorite side of home plate to pitch to.

Following the playoffs last season, Ortiz said he talked with Price on the phone and thought that any issues that might have continued were resolved at that time.

The longtime DH said he had respected Price very much, but not anymore. Ortiz said that last year Boston kicked Price’s butt during the postseason and Price turned around talking down his opponent.

Boston’s DH could not understand how a veteran pitcher like Price cannot accept that not every game is going to be a victory.

Ortiz told reporters that getting mad at a batter because he hits home runs off you is not the way baseball is played.

In the second of two home runs in Game 2 of last season’s ALDS, Ortiz hit a towering shot down the line in right field.

The DH stayed at the plate to make sure the hit stayed fair before taking his long stroll around the three bases and back to home plate.

That long and satisfied stroll might have left a bad taste in Price’s mouth since October.

John Farrell the Boston Red Sox manager was tossed out of the game after arguing that Price should have been tossed when he hit Ortiz.

Torey Lovullo and Brian Butterfield two other coaches for Boston were also ejected following another hit by pitch incident later in the game. Boston’s starting pitcher Brandon Workman was tossed as well after he threw a pitch behind Evan Longoria’s back.

Price said following the game, he could not understand Ortiz’s frustration after being hit by a pitch. Price said the two home runs from last season did not lead to Friday’s beaning.

If might not be the Fourth of July but fireworks will be blowing off when the Rays meet the Red Sox on Saturday in Fenway Park.

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