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Redskins Kirk Cousins Injured Early Against Steelers



With starter Robert Griffin III out through the entirety of the preseason, Washington Redskins backup quarterback Kirk Cousins was certainly hoping to shine again tonight against the vaunted Pittsburgh Steeler defense.

In the opening minutes of the game ESPN analyst Jon Gruden was raving about the young guy out of Michigan State, adamantly insisting that any team with a need at the position get on the horn with the ‘Skins immediately and offer up a first round draft pick for his services.

It seems everyone is high on Cousins these days—and why shouldn’t they be? Filling in for RG3 in 2012, Cousins completed nearly 70 percent of his passes and had a QB rating of 101.6. Numbers he’s been building on in 2013.

Cousins has looked very comfortable on the field this preseason. His decision making and confidence in the pocket have both improved, giving him the air of a far more seasoned NFL quarterback.

But Cousins is well aware that his playing time this season will be nonexistent if Griffin stays healthy and doesn’t suffer any setbacks from his offseason knee surgery—there’s no question who the starter is in Washington. Which is why he’s been making the most of every opportunity since being the team’s surprising selection in the 4th round of the 2012 NFL Draft.

Unfortunately for Cousins—not to mention the Redskins—tonight he didn’t get much of a chance to audition for a future starting position.

He was injured early in the second quarter tonight when Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons tackled him by his right foot as he was attempting to run out of bounds. Cousins was immediately tended to by team medical staff and replaced by third stringer Rex Grossman.

The X-ray done at half-time revealed there was no break—the ‘Skins are calling it a mid-foot-sprain at the moment. Officially Cousins return is questionable, but obviously it doesn’t look very promising.

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