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Redskins Say No Quarterback Controversy Exists

The Washington Redskins season has gone from bad to worse over the past few weeks with most of the controversies taking place off the field rather than on it.

This week the Redskins announced that Kirk Cousins would be the starting quarterback for the three remaining games on the Washington schedule.

However, they also were clear in saying no quarterback controversy existed and Robert Griffin III would be the starting quarterback in training camp next summer.

The only difference will be that Cousins will be a backup with proven experience or with another NFL team as a starter. What the coaches have tried to express as often as possible is no controversy over quarterbacks exists in Washington.

Kyle Shanahan the offensive coordinator for Washington called it ridiculous to think there exists a competition at quarterback. Just last season Griffin had one of the best years any rookie has had in league history, said Shanahan but this season he did not, but to give up on a talent like that not possible or an option.

Mike Shanahan, the team’s head coach and Kyle’s father, said Griffin was benched for the last three games to make sure he will be healthy to start the offseason. Last offseason Griffin rehabbed his right knee that had been surgically repaired but did not start any practice until training camp.

The coaches have said that Griffin’s lack of on field practice during the offseason resulted in his problems this season in his second year in the league.

Fueling controversy in the nation’s capital is the job security of Mike Shanahan. Currently, his position is tenuous at best and therefore what he says about the team’s future and that of Griffin might not matter much when the season ends.

Mike Shanahan said the team decided a very long time ago that their quarterback was Griffin now and for the future. The team hopes Cousins plays well which would give them options with him that might even include trading him for talent they need at other positions.

In 2014, Washington has no draft picks in the first round, which is the final part of the trade they made with St. Louis that gave them the opportunity to draft Griffin.

In 2012, the team took Cousins with a fourth round pick and if they were able to trade him and get a second round choice, it would help matters tremendously for the club.

Shanahan said by playing Cousins you succeed in having a strong backup with experience or someone that you can trade to get a lot for.

Son Kyle said his father did not consult with him concerning benching Griffin. Kyle said he does not agree with the idea. He said his father did not speak with him about it since it was not considered a direct football decision, but one for the franchise’s future.

Kyle said he was clear with his father over how disappointed he was over Griffin’s benching. However, he understands that his father and ownership have different worries that he as the offensive coordinator does not worry about.

The decision has been made and time will tell how things work out. However, next up in this ongoing controversy will be whether Shanahan remains at season’s end or moves on.

One thing is certain however, Robert Griffin III will return and his offseason of practice will make him better than his rookie season, wait and see.

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