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Report: Antonio Callaway Tested Positive at NFL Combine for Marijuana

Antonio Callaway is considered  as talented as any other wide receiver in the NFL draft that starts on Thursday. However, the former Florida Gators wide receiver tested positive at the NFL combine for marijuana said NFL sources.

Callaway’s agent, Malki Kawa, announced earlier this week that it had been a diluted sample. A diluted sample is considered a positive test under the Policy and Program on Substances of Abuse in the NFL.


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During the NFL combine, Kawa was not representing Callaway and was hired just two weeks ago by the wide receiver.

Callaway parted ways with agent Melvin Bratton shortly after the WR was told about testing positive at the NFL combine.

Some NFL teams had projected Antonio Callaway to be picked during the second round of the draft, and only due to previous issues off the football field.

During December of 2015, a female student at Florida accused Callaway of sexual assault. Although in August of 2016, Callaway was cleared by a Title IX hearing officer of any wrongdoing.

The woman as well as witnesses she had did not attend the hearing in protest. The university had appointed an attorney, who is a football booster for the Gators, to hear her case. Law enforcement never charged Callaway in that incident.

According to the ruling by the hearing officer, Callaway testified that he had been high after smoking marijuana when he had the encounter with the woman. He stated he was so stoned that he did not have any interest in having sex.


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Callaway was also one of nine players at Florida last season that allegedly used credit card data that was stolen to fund accounts at a bookstore. He was also cited for marijuana and drug equipment possession, which is a misdemeanor, after a traffic stop by police in Gainesville, in May of 2017.

One evaluator of NFL talent said that Callaway has sufficient enough talent to star one day in the NFL. However, he now he might have a hard time even finding a team willing to draft him later this week.

When asked recently about the mistakes he has made Callaway said he has matured. Adding that he is past them and does not dwell on them. He added that those things happened but he could not cry over them since he was young and immature when they took place.

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