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RGIII may be the safe bet for Offenssive Rookie of the Year

This has been one of the best  rookie classes in NFL history.  I would be willing to bet that this rookie class will produce a handful of franchise quarterbacks, running backs that will be talked about for years to come and wide receivers who will eventually blossom into big time receivers.  None standout more, in my opinion, than Robert Griffin III.

Despite having ton of hype coming into the NFL, I do not think anyone expected him to put up numbers quite like this.  Way back in June, before the season even started,  RGIII did have the slight edge over Luck with a +200 money line to Luck’s +250 money line.  Luck, however, quickly pulled ahead in the odds as he began to unexpectedly lead his team to a winning record and a potential playoff run.  In October, Luck over took RGIII in the odds.  Luck had 1/4 odds to win.  Even moving into the beginning of November Luck had the lead in the odds to win Rookie of the Year while RGIII fell to the third most likely player to win Rookie of the year.  At the beginning of November the odds looked like this, courtesy of Bovada:

Andrew Luck (IND) QB               1/1

Doug Martin (TB) RB                 2/1       

Robert Griffin III (WSH) QB        3/1       

Alfred Morris (WAS) RB             7/1       

I would imagine, however, when the updated odds are released at the beginning of December we will see RGIII at the top of that list.

Luck has had a rough November.  The most memorable performance he gave was against the New England Patriots in which he led his team to a crushing and embarrassing defeat.  Also, when we look at the raw numbers, RGIII’s stats have risen above Luck’s throughout November in every category except one.

Luck has passed for 3205 yards with a 56.8 percent completion rate. He has also thrown 13 touchdowns.  However, for every touchdown he has, he has an interception (13).  RGIII has less overall passing yards than Luck at 2504 yards, but he has an astonishing completion percentage of 67.5 percent.  He also makes up for his passing yards in rushing with 642 yards.  He has also only thrown four interceptions.  The thing about RGIII, though, is his performance seems to be getting better and better with every game he plays.

In other words, if he keeps playing like he did against the Dallas Cowboys this week he should win Rookie of the Year by a landslide.

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