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Ricky Rubio Could Be the Biggest Benefactor in Love Trade

Kevin Love has not yet left the Gopher State. However, it seems his move is so imminent in the next week that he likely is looking for a place to hang his hat in the Cleveland area.

The 30-day waiting period until Andrew Wiggins can be traded after signing his rookie contract is nearly over. That seems to be the only thing standing between Love and the exit door from the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Love’s absence, regardless of Wiggins and Anthony Bennett taking his place, will be felt greatly by the Timberwolves.

Love is a waling stat sheet who records double-doubles like few others with an average last season of 26 points and 12.5 boards per game.

Without Love, the pressure will not be quite as high on the rest of the team to produce wins. No one should benefit better from that than Ricky Rubio the point guard from Spain.

He was given the prodigy label upon arriving three seasons ago at the age of 20.

To some he has been a disappointment more so than a talented player who has yet to show his complete skill set.

The real Ricky Rubio may not have ever arrived stateside. It is certain he has shown his flashy passes and gaudy total for assists, but being a floor general has not entered into his repertoire as of yet in the NBA.

One reason is Rubio has played in Love’s huge shadow since arriving.

He came after Love, joining Love’s team and has played second fiddle to him since.

Rubio however is not just any other foot soldier in the Love army, his name means so much more than that. He has played professional basketball since he was 14.

The partnership between the two just never panned out. Minnesota was 97-133 in the three years the two played together without any playoff appearances.

The two have had their injuries over that period which has meant fewer games the two were together on the court.

Last season was one of Rubio’s poorest stats wise as he scored just 9.5 point per game, which was his lowest since joining Minnesota. His shooting percentage fell to 38%.

Rubio did improve over the second half of last season, but still could not help the club earn a playoff berth or satisfy Love.

Rubio does not want the departure of Love to affect the franchise’s will to win. Rubio played with some of the best clubs in Europe prior to the Timberwolves and knows what it is like to win and wants to get that feeling back.

Minnesota likely will regress without Love, at least for the first season. However, with Wiggins and Bennett bringing in new blood and Rubio being the floor general, Minnesota might just shock a few NBA fans.

Rubio should become the team’s leader and will make players like Wiggins and Bennett look even more talented with his pinpoint accurate, artistic passing that has been lost playing in the shadow of Love.

Rubio’s flair and showmanship will finally be released for the NBA fans to see why this young man carries the label of prodigy.

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