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Robertson Says Anthony Should Leave the Knicks

The New York Knicks of the NBA Atlantic division did not make the postseason this year, but that does not mean they are not in the headlines.

On Thursday, Oscar Robertson the NBA Hall of Famer said if he were Carmelo Anthony’s adviser, he would tell him to exit New York when he becomes a free agent this summer.

In a radio interview, Robertson said he would leave immediately if he were Anthony. Robertson said Anthony was criticized for shooting too much or too little while with Denver and the same is happening in New York and in New York, it will happen no matter how well he plays, because there are players on the Knicks that are always hurt.

Anthony has told the Knicks he is opting out of his last year on his contract to test the free agent market during the summer. Among a number of teams interesting in signing Anthony including the Knicks are the Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Clippers and the Houston Rockets.

Robertson, who won an NBA Title with the Milwaukee Bucks, believes Houston is the perfect place for Anthony to play. Anthony was second in scoring in the league this season behind Kevin Durant. He also grabbed over 8 rebounds per game, which was a career-high.

Robertson said if Anthony were to play in Houston, the Rockets would win the title. The Hall of Famer said both LeBron James and Durant are super talented but they cannot outshoot Anthony.

Anthony has not been shy about saying his number one priority is re-signing with New York. However, he wants assurances from new president Phil Jackson that the Knicks are committed to building a contender with him as the central figure prior to him re-signing with the team.

Anthony even suggested during February that he could accept a cut in pay to stay in New York. On Wednesday, Jackson said he hopes Anthony will follow through on that idea.

Jackson said a precedent had been set with stars receiving less money to remain or join a contender.

Today, Jackson added that it is difficult to have just one or two stars or high paid athletes and put a good team around them. Therefore, Jackson said sacrifices financially have been made by some top stars in the NBA.

Jackson hopes Carmelo will follow through and understands what is needed for him stay and have the Knicks build a contender.

Robertson however, downplayed the potential impact Jackson would have on the free agency of Anthony.

Robertson suggests to Anthony that taking all the criticism he will hear in New York is not worth it. The Knicks, said Robertson, have players making as much as $16 million a season and are not producing anything, while Anthony is scoring over 28 per game, and is expected to take a pay cut.

At the moment, the odds look against the Knicks, as they cannot do much until the 2015 season due to contracts of certain players not ending until then.

In the meantime, Carmelo will be hearing it from both those who want him to remain a Knick and for those wanting him with the Clippers, Bulls and Rockets.

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