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Rockets Reportedly In Search Of A Third Star


When new broke that the Houston Rockets declined the team option to hold on to Chandler Parsons, most assumed it was a bargaining strategy. Letting him go in as a restricted free agent allows the Rockets to match any offer he may receive, perhaps even one less than his current contract. It now appears that their is another reason that the Rockets want to clear cap space.

Yahoo! Sports was the source of the original Parsons story and now they are reporting that the Rockets are in search of a third big star to join the roster. In other words, they are in search of a big three.

Stars like Carmelo Anthony, Dirk Nowitzki, LeBron James and Chris Bosh will join free agency during the off-season. Those stars are also said to be on Houston’s wish list. They will be getting behind the Chicago Bulls, Dallas Mavericks and others also looking for the final piece of their puzzle.

If the report is true, ditching Parson will not be enough to free up enough space to grab a big acquisition.  It is likely that either Jeremy Lin or Omer Asik or both will be kicked to the curb to make room for a ‘Melo or Nowitzki.

Lin and Aski combine for a $16.8 million and with neither player playing up to expectation, the Rockets may be looking to free up more money so all their options are open when they go shopping in at the free agency market.

Another option on the table would be for the Rockets to put players on the trading block. In fact, allowing Parson to become a restricted free agent opens up the option for a sign-and-trade deal.

In the last two off-seasons the Rockets made two huge acquisitions. In 2012, they snatched up James Harden. In 2013, they picked up Dwight Howard. Now in 2014, they appear to be looking to grab up another prize.

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