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Ron Rivera: We Have To Solidify The QB1 Spot

Washington Commanders head coach Ron Rivera says the team needs to solidify the starting quarterback position following their recent struggles.

Taylor Heinicke started the previous nine games before Sunday and was named QB1 by Ron Rivera in November.

However, Ron Rivera flip-flopped again as a result of a 0-2-1 run and started Carson Wentz against Cleveland on Sunday.

Washington produced its lowest points total in nine games as Wentz started for the first time since Week 6.


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“No, because to me it was always about winning and that it was in our hands,” Rivera said Monday. “I mean, we controlled our destiny basically and that’s the truth of the matter. Being 0-2-1 in the last three games was probably a thing that really pushed me more than anything else. And that’s what I looked at. And as I said, coming off of the last quarter of the 49er game, I was relatively optimistic in terms of dealing with what Carson could do.

“I thought we could run the ball. I think we could have run the ball a little bit better even though we did run it well. And I think that could have helped us a little bit more. But again, it’s the decision that was made because I felt we needed a little something, after going that stretch of 0-2-1.”


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“I think the biggest thing that’s been the toughest thing right now is really being able to solidify the QB1 spot,” Rivera said. “… That’s the thing that we gotta do. I was asked that question about eight, nine weeks ago what’s the difference? Well, that’s the one position that we’ve gotta solidify going forward more so than anything else.”

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