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Russell Westbrook is One of a Kind

Russell Westbrook the star point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder is likely the best point in the NBA, with the exception of possibly Chris Paul.

Westbrook is a physical specimen like no other, has an explosive first step and a mental toughness that rivals that of Kobe Bryant.

He is one of a kind and the most athletic player to play point guard ever in the NBA. The fearless player will jump through or over you it reach where he wants to be.

His quickness and speed make his opponents look as if they are frozen in time or nailed to the floor.

He is faster than anyone in the league is and when it looks like he has been trapped, he just glides through the air for a magnificent dunk over anyone.

With all of his great attributes, Westbrook is like the rest of us in one way, he is human and to err is human.

Westbrook can ignore his teammates, especially Kevin Durant too much at times, he can put up a trey too early in the 24-second clock and he has been known to make multiple decisions that are bad.

Yet, he gives his all to the team. He is the second leading scorer for the Thunder, he is their playmaker, he leads them in assists and he runs the court.

Overall, the Thunder is a much better team when Westbrook is on the court.

His speed sets him apart from the rest of the players on his team and in the league. It looks as if he is more out of control than in and a fair analogy is that is sometimes true.

Westbrook attempts more field games a game then the likes of gunners such as DeMarcus Cousins and James Harden.

Some have gone as far to say that Westbrook has a killer instinct and insist he is tougher mentally that his high scoring teammate Durant and feared more by his opponents late down the stretch.

Time and score mean little to Westbrook, which for his coaches and teammates can be frustrating but it helps him stay at such a high level throughout a game and not to lose his edge during crunch time.

The point guard is a risk taker and lives with all the consequences.

Win or lose he takes games into his own hands down the stretch and whatever happens he will not apologize if it ends up costing his team in the eyes of others.

The hope is as Westbrook matures and his play become a bit less selfish, he will help lead his team to an NBA title, which would help cement his place as one of the best ever to play the point guard position in the NBA in his generation.

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