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Russell Wilson Insists Blunt Broncos Are ‘Working Their Butts Off’

The dissonance between the Broncos’ defense and offense is so stark, Russell Wilson was asked if the roster is divided.

Their 19-16 defeat to the Chargers on Monday was their second consecutive overtime loss. The last team to do that was the 49ers in 2017.

Denver is 2-4 on the season for the fourth time in five years, although their defense is effective. The Broncos have allowed less than 20 points 5 times this year. Their average 16.5 points allowed per game is fourth in the NFL. 

The problem is the offense, which has scored a league-lowest 15.2 points per game in 2022.


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Russell Wilson had a good first quarter against the Chargers with 10 passes for 116 yards and a touchdown. However, the offense fell apart in the second half. Russell Wilson had just 15 yards on 3-of-11 passing in the last two quarters plus overtime.

“We don’t have division in our locker room,” Wilson said. “You guys saw how hard we played for each other. It didn’t go our way, but everyone is fighting their butts off every day. The line, the receivers, the running backs, the defense, the defensive line, the linebackers and our safeties and corners, everybody was playing for each other and we felt like we could have won the game. We had that fluke play at the end, but right before that play, we still felt like we could have won the game.”


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“It didn’t work out, but everyone is still together, and we still believe in everything we can do. We must find ways to continue making plays and score touchdowns and do that. The end of the first quarter and the second quarter to get all the way down there. That’s us. We have to bring that every time, and it can’t be anything less.”

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