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Saints’ Derek Carr Motivated By Raiders Exit

New Orleans Saints quarterback Derek Carr is still rooting for the Raiders despite his acrimonious exit from the team.

Derek Carr was drafted 36th overall in the 2014 draft by the then Oakland Raiders. He would go on to set the franchise record for completions, attempts, touchdown passes and passing yards.

His relationship with the club began to deteriorate during a turbulent 2022 season. He was eventually benched and inactive from Week 16 onwards. The Saints released Derek Carr in February, and he joined the Raiders a month later.


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“I was, for lack of a better term, I was very upset; I was mad,” Carr said. 

“You spend nine years in a place, you have all the records and you can play at a high level and for something to get in the way, whether it was whatever reason, money related or whatever, injury related, I would have said I don’t even want the money, just to play two more times in front of our fans. I didn’t get that opportunity. So, it definitely lit a fire inside me to keep going.

“If you win more games and you keep being productive, you stay there forever,” Carr said. “But we didn’t win enough games and that’s the kind of stuff that happens with all the turnover of coaches; with all the different things. Eventually, the last guy in the room is usually going to be out at some point. And that’s really what happened.”


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“I have so many friends over there,” he said. “I want them to succeed, I want Jimmy to be healthy, I want him to play great, because that helps Davante (Adams). It helps Maxx (Crosby), Josh Jacobs. It helps all my friends, Kolton (Miller), Andre (James). I’m going to stop naming names because someone will get upset, but all my friends over there, I just want them to have success. That’s all I was ever trying to do is give my best so they could win.

“The thing that matters to me the most is the Saints win. I want my friends to have success and I don’t want them to have hard times, but I still want the Saints to win a little more.”

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