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Saints lead the NFC South, Ingram Might be Traded

The NFC South has turned upside down from last season, as the New Orleans Saints are undefeated after three games, while the Atlanta Falcons runaway winners of the division last season have lost two of three to start the season.

The Saints have started on fire with three wins, two in the division and have scored 70 points while allowing just 38. This was a team that allowed more yards last season than any other defense in NFL history.

However, not is all rosy in the home of the Mardi Gras. Mark Ingram the New Orleans running back has not featured this season for the team and might become another high draft pick to ask for a trade in the past week, as did Trent Richardson. The trade deadline is October 29, just prior to Week 8 of the season.

Last week, Indianapolis created some waves by trading a first round pick in next year’s draft for Richardson. In 2012, Richardson was the third overall pick and like Ingram is a former star at Alabama.

Richardson did not seek a deal, but he had fallen out of sorts with the coaching staff at Cleveland. However, sources say Ingram could request one over the next few weeks. His role in the Saints backfield has become iffy at best and he wants playing time on the field.

Ingram is not a speedy back, but a power one, who in college got better as he received more carries. However, it seems he is not a good fit for New Orleans, where trusted veteran Pierre Thomas is still above him and Darren Sproles is one of the league’s best back on third down. The Saints at this time are carrying five running backs.

The former Alabama star only has one year left on his contract and a trade is more likely after the Richardson deal went through last week.

Two other teams, the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs traded former first rounders during the preseason as well. General Managers have been said to be of the opinion that more trades of this type will take place.

With the rookie contract limits in the NFL, teams do not have to worry about attempting to redo a hefty contract converting large base salaries or other options that make trades difficult to accomplish.

Because of that, some GMs feel more of this type action will take place as the trade deadline approaches, especially with clubs that have become burdened with injury or have players who are no longer contributing but could fit in somewhere else.

Detroit has a number of backs and has been called about dealing Mikel Leshoure their second round pick, however sources said the Lions are not too interested in letting him go.

Josh Freeman, a former first rounder, who plays for the NFC South’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers, would be happy being traded and that could help a trade come together before week 8.

Some believe that Emmanuel Sanders the Pittsburgh wide out could be traded to New England as the Steelers season looks to be going down the drain.

However, it looks as though Ingram will be dealt over the next couple of weeks and that would be good for the Saints, if they pick up a high draft pick in the process, but even better for Ingram, as he would get a fresh start on a new team.

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