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Sam Bradford Expected to Request Trade Out of Philly

The writing is on the wall in Philadelphia. And for current starting quarterback Sam Bradford, the best option appears to be a relocation, and fast.

Following yesterday’s blockbuster trade that saw the Eagles claim the second overall pick in next week’s draft, many are expecting the Eagles to take whoever is left out of Jared Goff and Carson Wentz, resulting in a logjam at quarterback and at least one contender for the starting role evaluating his options elsewhere.

According to Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole, it is “likely that Bradford is going to ask for a trade at some point in time…with a team that is going to be invested in him long-term.”

Frankly, it’s hard to blame him for feeling slighted. With any new head coach comes the high possibility that he will want to do away with the old regime and begin building his own team, and that seems to be the case with Doug Pederson.

Assuming the Eagles take a quarterback with the #2 pick, that rookie’s $4.8 million contract will combine with Chase Daniel’s now absurd-looking $7 million and Bradford’s $11 million in 2016. Bradford’s middle-of-the-road deal certainly isn’t monstrous enough to scare off a prospective trader who feels Sam can be not only a starter, but an immediate improvement to his new team.

So if a trade isn’t a trade unless someone else is interested, who could the Eagles realistically unload Bradford onto this close to the draft? The Browns already have their man in Robert Griffin III, and Cleveland’s willingness to trade out of the second pick suggests it isn’t desperate to find a player to genuinely compete with Griffin – at least, not in this year’s class.

Perhaps Elway’s Broncos – still “boasting” Mark Sanchez as the placeholder starter – could find use for Bradford in an offseason market that has been anything but receptive to the defending Super Bowl champions’ demands.

Bradford could certainly prove himself a capable starter amongst a talented offense and still-elite defense, and would keep Denver from feeling the pressure of drafting a first-year starter in a weak class. All should be revealed within seven days.

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