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San Antonio Could Be a Nice Fit for Kevin Love

The Kevin Love saga continues. The Minnesota Timberwolves shooting forward has expressed his desire to opt out of his contract at the end of next season.

This has caused a great deal of speculation about where he will wind up either via a trade this season or as a free agent at the end of next season.

Of course, many are saying he will be on the Lakers or is it Cleveland or Golden State, with the possibility of the Celtics, Bulls, Rockets or Suns.

Nearly every NBA team has been mentioned in the rumor mill, with the exception of one, the best one for the past 15 years. Strange but somehow the San Antonio Spurs are not mentioned when Love’s name is brought up.

Looking at it on paper with x’s and o’s it looks like a great fit. San Antonio would be a great spot for Love to play especially since he is desperate to find a team with a winning tradition and one that contends in the NBA postseason.

Like with the Lakers, the Spurs have space under the cap to sign Love in 2015. The Spurs have players on the roster for a trade as well, but that depends upon what San Antonio is willing to let go and if Minnesota values Tiago Splitter’s defensive ability near the rim.

Certain fans with the Spurs might shrug off the thought that Love would  help the team’s cause, but there is the current issue of how does San Antonio fill the holes that will eventually be left when the Big Three are gone.

Tim Duncan has played much longer than most in the NBA, Manu Ginobili is 36, while Tony Parker still has a number of seasons, but seems to always be injured for long stretches of time.

Therefore, San Antonio could do with a player like Love and Love could use a team such as the Spurs. However, strangely the Spurs name is rarely if ever a part of the trade mill.

One reason could be due to respect that San Antonio is not mentioned in the free agent hype, as they have been hugely successful for years without going that avenue.

While many other teams grab the headlines in an attempt to woo the best available player on the free agent market, San Antonio quietly go about their business with their three superstars.

When the Spurs do look for talent, they look for bargains, but not big $$$ names.

Some just believe that recruitment does not work with Gregg Popovich and the team’s front office.

There also is the thought by many that San Antonio is not the best of locations, which is a misconceived notion if you ask any of the players on the Spurs roster.

Superstars tend to like the big cities with the attention that goes along with living in one. The Riverwalk is nice, but not many are flocking there to see the stars.

This is just another chapter in the Kevin Love saga, which is sure to carry up to the NBA draft and likely afterwards. However, the Spurs could work a little magic and bring the scoring and rebounding machine to San Antonio and rebuild another dynasty around him.

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