San Francisco looking to turn season around in second half

The National League West has been one of Major League baseball’s weakest divisions this season from top to bottom.

With the All-Star game finally over, teams can now focus on the second half of their seasons. At the All-Star break, the NL West was led by the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are in second place 2 ½ games behind, while the Colorado Rockies are 4 ½ back in third, the San Francisco Giants 6 ½ back in fourth and the San Diego Padres are in last place 8 ½ games back.

Even though the Giants have had an up and down season, they headed into the All-Star break on a high note after Tim Lincecum threw a no-hitter for the club.

They have possible trades they could make to help their cause in the second half of the season, but have just two weeks to do so before the trade deadline arrives.

However, San Francisco management needs to decide if they trade to attempt a run at the postseason this year or push to rebuild.

Last season they won the World Series, opted to keep the same lineup and now must decide what the best step for the franchise going forward is.

Currently, the team is thin in the outfield, need help in their starting rotation and have little depth on their bench. However, those areas could be improved with the right trades.

If management decides a push for the postseason is in order, the first thing they must do is fill a void in their starting rotation. Matt Cain has had a disappointing season. Even if he returns to form, he, Lincecum and Madison Bumgarner or the only solid starters that can be counted on down the stretch.

Starters who are on the trading block now include Bud Norris for the Houston Astros and Matt Garza for the Chicago Cubs. Their price tags are not cheap and might be more than Giants management wants to pay.

Norris is 6-8 on the season, but has a respectable ERA of 3.63. Norris is from the Bay Area and has expressed interest in a trade that would bring him to San Francisco.

If rebuilding is on the horizon for the Giants, then letting talented prospects go in the minors is not worth it to acquire a starter who is average of just above that line.

The Giants have had a first half loaded with disappointment and struggles by players that were unexpected, namely Cain.Nevertheless, with the additional of a few new faces on the bench, the Giants could put on their rally caps and make a run for the NL West division title and beyond. Do not forget, this same team less a player of two won last season’s World Series.

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