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Seahawks CB Richard Sherman wants out of Seattle

The trade talks around Richard Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks have been dominating the NFL in recent weeks. Interestingly, the talks were reportedly not brought on by the team looking to add depth, cut salary or get rid of a player who’s suffered from injuries recently and is perhaps nearing the end of his prime.

In fact, according to a report, the talks weren’t initiated by the team, at all.

“My understanding was that Richard Sherman initiated this,” ESPN’s Adam Schefter said. “He was looking to get out of Seattle. He was open to that idea initially. They’re accommodating him by listening to trade offers, and they’ll see what happens. Again, I don’t know if anything happens here. But we’ll see if something materializes here before the draft.”

Sherman has dealt with various injuries over the last few seasons, but he remains one of the NFL’s best corners. Given how identified he is with the Seahawks, it’s hard to imagine him playing anywhere else. Then again, nobody imagined Peyton Manning playing for anyone but the Indianapolis Colts.

It’s certainly not as though trading Sherman wouldn’t make any sense. He’s drawn interest around the league. Reportedly, the New England Patriots are included in the interested teams.

Seattle John Schneider has confirmed that the trade rumors around Sherman are real.

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