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Sean McVay Preparing For 2024 With ‘Renewed Purpose’

Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay enters the 2024 season feeling like his team is at the start of something.

Sean McVay has experienced a glorious and tumultuous time as head coach of the Rams. He won the Super Bowl in 2021, but was struck by injuries in an underwhelming 2022 season.

In that context, the Rams surpassed expectations to return to the playoffs in 2023. With the rebuild mostly finished, Sean McVay feels like L.A is upwardly mobile again.


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“You know what’s cool? Being around this group, and especially even last year, it feels like it’s Year 1 again,” McVay said.

“And I really mean that.”

McVay also became a father recently, which may go some way to explaining his enthusiasm for new beginnings.

“I feel like these last couple of years, there’s really just been a real renewed purpose and perspective that reminds you what a blessing this is,” McVay said. “You kind of had lost that a little bit in the midst of the journey, especially things going well and then obviously, the challenging year in ’22.”


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“There’s a lot of cool things that have gone on with the people that I’m around, the coaches, but having that little guy too is a real easy reason to keep appropriate perspective and to make sure you’re being the man and the model and what it looks like for him every day.”

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