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Serge Ibaka May Suit Up for Game 3

The Oklahoma City Thunder will play Game 3 of their NBA Western Conference Finals best of seven series tonight at home against the San Antonio Spurs.

The Thunder lost the first two games of the series and is sitting in a precarious spot heading into Game 3. No team in the history of the NBA has come back to win a best of seven series after losing the first three games.

The Spurs have dominated the paint in the first two games, scoring a combined 120 on the inside during the first two games of the series.

One big reason the Spurs have dominated in the paint is the absence of Serge Ibaka the power forward for the Thunder.

Ibaka hurt his calf in the Thunder’s clinching win over the Los Angeles Clippers and was reportedly out for the entire series against San Antonio.

However, it looks as though Ibaka will be back in uniform for Game 3 and ready to play for the Thunder.

Ibaka and other members of the Thunder spokbetting 2e with the media about the power forward playing on Sunday. Just the fact the Thunder mad Ibaka available to speak to the media is a big hint he will play.

Comments by Ibaka himself were also a hint to his possibility of playing on Sunday. He said he still had some discomfort in his calf, but playing with some pain would not stop him from playing.

When Ibaka was pressured into saying if he would be in uniform on Sunday, the power forward said the decision would be up to the doctors. He said he was waiting for confirmation from the doctor and is currently day-to-day.

Ibaka’s Thunder teammates were also hopeful of his return but remained cautious.

The Spurs are the most certain group in the Ibaka story as they have always said they would not be surprised to see Ibaka back during the series.

Of course, if Ibaka were not able to play, this entire sideshow would be a mute point. However, unless team doctors mandate he cannot play it is difficult to image him not playing.

The bottom line is if the physicians for the Thunder give Ibaka clearance to play, he will play regardless of the pain he will face.

Of course, Ibaka has not played in a game situation since his injury and does not know what will happen once he is in that situation. His Sunday will be busy preparing for the game if he is given the doctor’s blessings.

Now many NBA observers will voice their opinions as to how much difference the Thunder’s Ibaka could make on an injured calf.

There are those who believe the Spurs would have won Games 1 and 2 even if Ibaka had played.

They believe that single-handedly Ibaka would not make that much difference in the outcome of the games.

However, they do believe going forward that Ibaka, if he can play, could change the series if he can make solid contributions.

At the very least, Ibaka returning would certainly be an uplift psychologically, mentally and emotionally for the Thunder.

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