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Shane Bowen To Bring ‘Physicality, Toughness’ To Giants Defense

Speed and aggression is the key to improving a Giants defense which finished 26th in points allowed last season.

That’s according to new DC Shane Bowen, who was brought in from the Titans to address the porous defense. 

Tennessee ranked first in the NFL in red zone scoring in 2023. Shane Bowen is particularly adept at stopping the run game, which is knowledge the Giants could use.


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In his three seasons as DC, the Titans allowed the fewest rushing yards per game in the league. Meanwhile, the Giants conceded 140 or more rushing yards in seven games last season. They finished 31st in touchdowns conceded and 29th in yards rushing allowed.

Shane Bowen says the players will need to buy into his philosophy of speed and physicality. 

“I’m hoping it’s going to be speed and aggressiveness,” Bowen said.

“Regardless of scheme — everybody’s going to have scheme, we’re going to have plenty of scheme — but I want to make sure our guys are lined up, they know what to do, and they can play fast and aggressive ultimately. I want to maximize their abilities. I don’t want to paralyze them before the ball is even snapped by overthinking.

“They’re all here for a reason. God has blessed them with the skillset to be here. I want to make sure we can maximize that skillset and they’re able to maximize that skillset. But hopefully [it will be] fast, aggressive, you’ll see some violence from us and ultimately guys making plays.”


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“You think run game, you think physicality, you think toughness, and that’s what we want to be at all levels. I was blessed with some really good players down there [in Tennessee], no different than we are here, but the guys bought into it. They took ownership of it. And it’s unique. It’s great to stop the run, but you better be able to affect the quarterback just the same.

“So, finding that balance and just [having] the attacking mentality where we’re getting off the ball, trying to play on the other side of the line scrimmage, and then in that regard, if it is a pass, you’re already on your way.”

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