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South Region Futures Odds


Yesterday, we took a look at the West region’s four remaining teams and their respective futures odds to advance to the Final Four. Today, we will do the same with the four survivors of the South region. Who will represent the South region in the Final Four? We’ll find out after the weekend, but we’ll get a head start today by taking a look at each team’s futures and figuring out what to expect in the upcoming games.

Florida Gators: 5/6

Surprisingly, even with the No. 1 and No. 4 seeds remaining in the South, the third-seeded Gators have been labeled as the odds-on favorite to win the region. Florida has certainly looked strong in its two tournament wins so far, but so has Michigan and even Florida Gulf Coast and you can’t discount Kansas – the No. 1 seed in the region. Florida is a good team, but these odds seem far too generous and don’t give bettors any value even if the Gators do win the South region. I would stay away from this bet. Let’s have a look at the other three teams.

Kansas Jayhawks: 5/2

Maybe it’s because Kansas struggled in its first game, or maybe it’s because the Jayhawks fell behind big in the game against North Carolina, but whatever the reason, we’re not quite sure why Kansas isn’t getting a little more love from odds makers here. After all, there are plenty of reasons why they were named the number one seed in the region and the biggest one is because the committee felt the Jayhawks were the best team. Just because they haven’t played their best ball yet in the tournament doesn’t change that fact. Kansas will obviously have some tough games coming up, but this looks like a good value pick at 5/2. It’s at the very least far better than Florida’s 5/6.

Michigan Wolverines: 5/2

It makes sense that Michigan has the same odds as Kansas considering that Michigan is only a two-point underdog in the game against the Jayhawks and that the winner of their match-up will have the same opponent to go through, which will likely be the Gators. However, I’ll give Michigan a little more value with the way it has played lately. The Wolverines have dominated opponents and have left little doubt that when they are playing their best, they can beat any team in the country. Michigan will need a great game to beat Kansas and will need two great games to win the region, but if they continue to do what they have been, there’s a good chance we could see the Wolverines in the Final Four. Consider this to be the best overall pick in the futures odds.

Florida Gulf Coast Eagles: 15/1

Of course, then we have the wild card. Florida Gulf Coast has already made its mark on history by becoming the first ever 15-seed to make the Sweet 16, but how far can the Eagles really fly? They’ve won their first two games with the swagger and the confidence of a one-seed, but they’ll still be an underdog in every game they play from here on out. The next game against the Gators may be their toughest, as they will encounter a team that allows fewer than 60 points per game. The high-flying Eagles love to run, but the Gators will probably control a slower tempo in the next game. The Eagles have a decent shot – a much better one than we would have given them before the tournament – but Michigan is still the better value pick at 5/2. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to throw a small wager in for the Eagles at 15/1 just to see what happens. Who knows? They’ll already shocked us by making it this far.

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