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Spurs Face Obstacles in Defense of NBA Title

The San Antonio Spurs are gearing up to defend their NBA title. Tony Parker their point guard, leading scorer and leader in assists has signed a new three-year extension. The Spurs also re-signed Patty Mills and Boris Diaw to new contracts.

With the exception of Aron Baynes, the Spurs return their entire roster from last season, including the little used Matt Bonner.

The Spurs will face a number of different obstacles as they attempt to win a second straight NBA title this season.

Every opponent the Spurs face in 2014 will want to defeat the NBA champions. Each time the Spurs visit another NBA team, it will be the NBA champions visiting town giving the players and the fans an added incentive to win.

Another obstacle the Spurs much overcome it injuries. A fine example is the injury sustained last week by Paul George of the Indiana Pacers. He may be lost for the season and that changes the entire dynamics of the team. The Spurs must try to avoid injuries as much as possible.

San Antonio has had luck sidestepping serious injuries. During the 2013-14 season, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Kawhi Leonard, Tiago Splitter and Danny Green missed a combined 81 games. However, during the playoffs they missed zero.

The Spurs are a cautious team evidenced by the team’s choice not to allow Ginobili to play in the FIBA World Cup this summer.

San Antonio is aware that the Argentine at 37 could be playing his last season and wants him as healthy and rested as possible.

Parker has suffered nagging injuries during the season but always seems to be ready when the time comes for a big contest.

Tim Duncan has been durable, but he too is likely playing his last season and the Spurs cannot afford to have him injured.

A big obstacle for the Spurs will be the champion of the Eastern Conference. With Cleveland loading up with LeBron James and the possibility of adding Kevin Love, they could be the best in the East. However, Chicago added Pau Gasol and Derrick Rose returns from injury.

Before worrying about an Eastern Conference foe in the NBA Finals, the Spurs would have to first win the Western Conference.

That task will not be easy, as they will face tough opponents like the Los Angeles Clippers with Blake Griffin and Chris Paul. The Clippers signed Spencer Hawes and Jordan Farmar and could be the team to beat out west.

The Oklahoma City Thunder still has Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. With Serge Ibaka, Steven Adams and Reggie Jackson, the Thunder will be a tough foe for the Spurs. Last season the Spur lost all four of their regular season games versus the Thunder, but won when it counted in the postseason.

The Spurs will face a number of obstacles during the 82-game regular season, but will be there at the end battling in the playoffs for their sixth NBA Title, which would be a storybook ending for veterans Duncan and Ginobili to end their careers.


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