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Spurs Join Cavaliers, Clippers and Mavericks in Race for Ray Allen

The reigning NBA Champion San Antonio Spurs have joined the race to sign veteran shooting guard Ray Allen. Also in the hunt for Allen’s services are the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Los Angeles Clippers.

The Cavaliers have tried to sign Allen since they convinced LeBron James his former teammate at the Miami Heat to return and play for them.

Late last week the Spurs and Clippers became the latest two elite NBA teams vying to sign Allen.

In July, Allen announced that he was still making a decision whether he would play next season, which would be his 19th in the NBA.

Even though it would be his 19th season in the league, the interest in his services has not waned thanks to his shooting touch beyond the 3-point line.

Doc Rivers the coach for the Clippers coached Allen when he and Allen were in Boston. Despite nearly no financial flexibility, Los Angeles has just 11 players signed to contracts and could use a caliber of shooter like Allen.

San Antonio has just one roster spot open at this time. Last week word was the Spurs were interested in Gustavo Ayon the start center for Mexico who is currently playing in the FIBA World Cup in Spain.

San Antonio is also hopeful it can re-sign Aron Baynes their reserve center who is playing in the FIBA World Cup as well for Australia.

Cleveland has been considered the strong favorite to sign Allen since James and he have played the past two seasons together in Miami.

Nevertheless, the competition to sign Allen is a close one.

The Dallas Mavericks, said sources, are yet one more top team in the Western Conference and the Southwest division to register an interest in signing Allen this summer.

The thought is more teams are in the chase for Allen but have not been identified of yet.

Rarely do the Spurs go after a big name free agent, but sign role players, especially veterans such as Antonio McDyess and Michael Finley.

Allen said great speculation of him signing with Cleveland has been in the headlines for quite some time, even though he insists he has not made up his mind.

Allen even says he is not leaning towards Cleveland nor has he mentioned he was going to play for the Cavaliers.

Allen has said his decision making this summer has been about whether he can physically play another season or if he should retire.

San Antonio can offer Allen a great shot at winning his third NBA title. Yes, Cleveland and Los Angeles can argue they can offer the same, but the Spurs are coming off their fifth NBA title with practically the same lineup as last season and look primed to take a shot at No. 6.

If Allen decides to play another season, his will giving the team that finally signs him a great three-point threat, ample experience and a great influence in the locker room.

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