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Stan Van Gundy On Brandon Jennings: ‘I Think He’s Ready’

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Pistons may have one of their best offensive weapons back in the arsenal for head coach Stan Van Gundy with Brandon Jennings nearing his return. Jennings went down with a torn Achilles tendon last season in the midst of a breakout year but now puts the coaching staff in a difficult situation.

According to Van Gundy, Jennings is ready to go. The problem is what to do with fellow veteran Steve Blake who has been playing well in the absence of Jennings via ESPN:

“I think he’s ready,” Van Gundy told reporters Monday. “Our decision now — Steve [Blake] has been playing well, and our bench has actually been good the last three games — it’s a matter of timing and when we want to go to him. He’s ready to go now.

“It’s not easy after 11 months off.”

Returning from an Achilles injury is no easy task for NBA players. The majority of the time, considering age along with wear and tear on the body, an Achilles injury can end the career of players in the league. Jennings will try to be the exception, but there’s no guarantee he’ll return to form as one of the better scoring guards in the NBA.

As for the Pistons, Detroit seems to have finally turned the corner this season with the team firing on all cylinders with Van Gundy at the helm. The Pistons are sporting a record of 17-14 in a highly competitive Central Division.

As expected, the Cleveland Cavaliers (20-9) lead the way in the division followed by the Indiana Pacers (18-12) and Chicago Bulls (17-12). The Pistons may be on the outside looking in on the playoffs right now, but this team has shown promise with Andre Drummond putting up All-Star-caliber numbers alongside Reggie Jackson.

Adding Jennings back in the mix should only improve their chances of being playoff bound at season’s end if he can return to form.

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