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Stanley Cup Update: Candiens and Blackhawks Backs Against The Wall

In both conference championship series teams have a 3-1 advantages. The New York Rangers have a 3-1 lead over the Monatreal Candiens, while the defending Stanley Cup champs, the Chicago Blackhawks are down against the Los Angeles Kings.

With both the Candiens and the Blackhawks playing with their backs against the wall, each team will need to make something happen quick in order to ensure their tournament life.

Rangers @ Candiens

The Rangers can feel a spot in the Stanley Cup Finals on their finger tips. One win against the Candeins separate the Rangers from their first Stanley Cup Final run in 20 years.

The Rangers outshot the Candiens 10-3 in the first two games of the series. They then split a pair of overtime games, as the Candiens showed some life.

Montreal overcoming a 3-1 series deficit is not unheard of. The Rangers did come from behind 3-1 to beat the Pittsburgh Penguins to secure their spot in the Conference finals.

Game 5 is tonight at 8 p.m. ET. The Rangers are the favorites to win.

Kings @ Blackhawks

The Blackhawks bid at back-t0-back Stanley Cup wins is in series jeopardy as they are down 3-1. Only one loss separates them from a unwanted vacation from hockey.

The Kings dominated Chicago in the last game, winning 5-2. The Kings had three goals in the first 16 minuets of the game.

Prior to this the Blackhawks looked much more competitive. The Kings has to hang on to get 4-3 victory over Chicago in Game 3. Coming into the playoffs the Kings were the lowest scoring team in the pack. However, they are now the highest scoring team currently in the NHL playoffs.

The Blackhawks will be looking to recapture their competitive streak for Game 5, otherwise they will be sent packing.

The Blackhawks are the favorites ton win in Game 5.  Game 5 is Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET.

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