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Steelers are looking to trade holdout Le’Veon Bell

It’s become clear that we’re unlikely to see Le’Veon Bell in black and gold this season–or any season. Although, it looks like we still might get to see the star running back play football.

According to ESPN‘s Adam Schefter the Steelers are looking into a possible trade for the hold-out, who has yet to play this season after failing to lock in a long-term deal with the team.

Bell himself was recently spotted in Miami, riding a jet ski while waiting out his organization. “You already know what it is man, we out here coolin’ on the jet skis,” Bell said in a video captured by a fan, according to TMZ.

When the man said “Give my man his f**kin money,” Bell replied, “You already know! You already know!”


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Earlier today, it seemed like Bell was in a much less boisterous mood. He sent out a tweet letting people know that he felt underappreciated and, while he never mentioned the Steelers by name, it’s easy to connect the feeling to his team not paying him what he believes he’s owed.

The Steelers opted to tag Le’Veon Bell with a franchise tag for the second-straight year, but Bell felt the move wasn’t providing him adequate compensation for what he brings to the team.

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