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Steelers Super Bowl Future on the Table with Return of Big Ben

The Pittsburgh Steelers lost their AFC divisional playoff on Sunday 45-42 to the Jacksonville Jaguars. All-Pro wide receiver Antonio Brown called the loss disheartening. Brown in the game did all he could to win it for the Steelers with 132 receiving yards and a pair of spectacular touchdowns, even though his calf muscle was still not 100%.

However, it will be the Jaguars that head to New England to face the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game, while the Steelers, start their offseason and wonder if their window of opportunity to win a Super Bowl with their trio of offensive superstars is closing quickly.

Veteran quarterback Ben Roethlisberger after the game said he felt bad for the fans saying he let them down and his teammates down. He did say that he was not sure who would be coming back, but he did know the guys up from were, his offensive lineman, and that makes it good for him, so he looked forward to another season with them.

The postgame statement by Roethlisberger that he would return next season is not only a relief for his teammates and their fans, but it helps the front office. With Big Ben returning, Pittsburgh can draft his replacement and not worry about playing him next fall.

The veteran quarterback’s return also gives the Steelers more time to see the development of Joshua Dobbs their fourth round pick from last year. Each season, it seems Roethlisberger talks about retiring, except it appears this season. He will start next season at 36 and just completed a game against a great defense where he threw for 469 yards with five touchdowns. He can still play and no one doubts that.

However, who else will return and for how long. Questions about Le’Veon Bell remain. He just completed a season as the franchise player and last week said he would consider retiring if the team put the franchise tag on him again.


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Bell and the Steelers may come up with a solution and lock him into a long-term contract. However, Bell did say following the game he wanted to return to play next season for the Steelers, saying he never wants to leave the city.

Bell is not the only issue, wide receiver Martavis Bryant wants to be traded somewhere he can play more and be the team’s No. 1 receiver.

Todd Haley the offensive coordinator has his contract coming to an end, injured linebacker Ryan Shazier has an unknown not so positive football future, and the defensive secondary needs help.

However, it Big Ben is coming back like he said he was, the window of opportunity remains open.

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