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Sterling Loses Appeal, Curry Claims He is Better

Donald Sterling has lost what appears to be a final move to block the Los Angeles Clippers sale.

On Wednesday, the appeal made by Sterling on the decision to allow the sale to go through was denied.

The appeal, which requested an immediate stay, was the last ditch effort Sterling had left to block the Clippers sale to Steve Ballmer the former CEO at Microsoft.

The appeals court said evidence that was before the court showed the Clippers sale to Ballmer was closed and that would mean nothing was left for the court to stay.

Lawyers for Donald Sterling said they were disappointed with the court’s decision, but feel their client will be vindicated when his federal case is heard against the NBA.

Ballmer now becomes the franchise’s primary owner following his purchase of the team for $2 billion.

Attorneys for Ballmer said their client was pleased that he is the undisputed owner of the Clippers.

A lawyer representing Shelly Sterling, the wife of Donald Sterling and the person who was approved to make the sale, issued a statement.

The statement said Shelly was thrilled her decision to sell Ballmer the Clippers was upheld.

The statement continued by saying a new era was starting for the Clippers under Ballmer, who has a commitment to excellence, which combined with his passion for the sport, will take the club to an NBA Championship.

Curry Claims his is better than LeBron

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry said he was the better offensive player when asked who was better he or LeBron James on offense.

Curry said that LeBron demands a great deal of attention while on the floor. However, Curry said he could distribute, get all his teammates involved and become a playmaker as well.

This past NBA season Curry averaged more assists at 8.5 per game than James. Curry was fifth in the NBA in that category, while LeBron averaged 6.4, which was 11th in the league.

Curry had a huge advantage in three-pointers, hitting 261, which were 38 more than any player in the NBA. LeBron had 116 and shot just 38% for that spot, while Curry was 42%.

However, in scoring James held an edge. The now Cleveland Cavaliers forward averaged 27.1 points a game last season which was third in the NBA.

Curry finished the season with an average of 24 points per game, which was seventh in the league.

James also led Curry in overall field goal percentage with 56.7% to Curry’s 47%.

In player efficiency, both players finished in the league’s top 10 with James at 29.40, which was second and Curry at 24.13, which was tenth.

Curry hopes to lead his talented Golden State Warriors to a NBA Pacific division title. However, he has quite a ways to go before he can consider himself better than or even on a par with LeBron James offensively.

LeBron is doubled and tripled when he has the ball in his hands, where Curry is usually guarded one-on-one when he is handling the ball or off the ball.

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