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StripSportsBetting Launches on Thursday Night Football

What is better than watching football with the guys? How about watching women watch football, while they take off their clothes?

Today that is available thanks to StripSportsBetting.com, which has been launched just in time for the opening of the 2013 NFL season. The action starts on Thursday night September 5 for the season kickoff and then can be viewed every Sunday and Monday night throughout the entire 2013 season.

Bettors can go online to watch women bet on the game being played that night. The women bet on the game’s winner, the score of the quarters, what team scores first and more. Each time one of the women loses, she must remove an article of her clothing.

Bettors can bet online with Betonline.com for the winner of the game and even on all the same plays or scores the women are betting. This can all be viewed at StripSportsBetting.com each Sunday and Monday night.

Marketing director Chris Neismeth of StripSportsBetting says that interest was very high prior to the site ever going live. Now that the site is running and getting set for Thursday’s first game, we are expecting thousands to view the game and our beautiful models, said Neismeth.

Neismeth added that the site was starting with football, but plans to add basketball, baseball and hockey in the near future.

The best part is each week new models will appear giving the viewer something to look forward to prior to the games on Sunday and Monday nights. The action can be seen live on YouTube, Ustream and of course on StripSportsBetting.com.

As the game gets into the second half, the women will be wearing next to nothing, as clothes will be flying off after nearly every play. By the two-minute warning, there should be just skimpy lacy lingerie covering the women.

Complete bios along with photos and even videos are available of the models, which allow viewers to meet the models before the game even begins. The women will even have their Twitter handles available for those interested in learning more about them.

Users can sign up and make the bets the women do on Betonline.com through its exciting live betting interface. Neismeth said that StripSportsBetting had been optimized to perfection for the best mobile experience available with users being able to use tablets and smartphones to watch the football action as well as the ladies removing their clothing. What more can you ask for.

Big name stars from the adult industry can be seen each week including Jacky Joy, Vyxen Steel, Sofia Delgado, Valerie White, and Alexis Texas.

Make sure to watch on Thursday September 5 when the NFL season kicks off with a game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Denver Broncos.

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