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Tax Evading, Cocaine Enthusiast Diego Maradona is Perfect Candidate for FIFA Presidency

Image courtesy of Zimbio

Image courtesy of Zimbio

Recently the entire governing body of FIFA came tumbling down amid allegations of widespread corruption, bribery, and a decades-long pattern of behavior that would have long ago sunk any organization that didn’t have the lucky distinction of representing the most popular sport in the world and existing everywhere and nowhere all at once.

Ironically, it was a U.S. FBI investigation that ultimately brought things crashing down recently. Initially it looked like just various underlings were going to take the brunt of the blowback, but president Sepp Blatter, who had been at the helm since 1998, announced his resignation within days.

With Blatter stepping down, it was only a matter of time until a high-profile candidate stepped up. Well, the time has come and that candidate is Argentine football legend Diego Maradona—one of the greatest players and most colorful characters the sport has ever seen.

According to a Uruguayan journalist, he’s decided to throw his hat in the ring. That being said, if FIFA is looking for anything resembling a Boy Scout to step in and clean house, they should take a good hard look at Maradona and try to find the exact opposite.

Maradona has a long history of bad behavior, much of which has crossed the line into criminal territory. He suffered a number of suspensions during his playing years for positive drug tests, and as recently as last July he was slurring his words and struggling to express himself while speaking publicly with journalists.

Excess has been a problem with Maradona over the years, whose massive fluctuations have not gone unnoticed by the public. Money problems are a part of that too—in October 2013 he was slapped with a £33million tax bill by the Italian government.

With a questionable past that dates back over three decades at this point, the real surprise isn’t that Maradona wants to be FIFA’s next president, it’s that he wasn’t already somehow on the payroll, getting his palms, and obviously his hair, greased by the outgoing regime.

In all seriousness though, NO. Although it would be funny and ironic if Maradona ended up in the position, he is seriously one of the least trustworthy and qualified people…maybe ever.

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