Taysom Hill

Taysom Hill To Run Routes & Catch More In 2023

Taysom Hill is gearing up to catch more passes as a receiver for the New Orleans Saints next season.

The 32-year-old is flexible, having featured in multiple positions already for the Saints. In 2021, he played 12 games as a quarterback.

Then in 2022 he featured in 16 games as a tight end. With Derek Carr and Jameis Winston on the roster, there likely won’t be a need for him to fill in at quarterback in 2023.

Taysom Hill described his new role as catching passes from the tight end position.


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“I think maybe doing more as, like, a receiver,” Taysom Hill said. “I think that’s kind of stuff that hasn’t been explored a ton with me here. The throwing stuff as a quarterback or running, you know, that’s stuff we’ve been doing that for a long time, and that’s come really natural for me. I think running routes and catching balls and stuff that was a foreign thing for me, and I also think because of that we haven’t done a ton of it, and I think there’s some opportunities there that we just haven’t explored yet.

“So as I look at next season, I think the hope and the expectation is that that expands a little bit. You know, I think the nice thing is I’m put in different situations. I can go at it and say, ‘Hey, if I was throwing the ball to me,’ like, I’m just going to do whatever I want the receiver to do if I was throwing it to him. So, having that perspective, I think, has also helped me and maybe made that transition a little smoother.”


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“I think we’re trying to find this happy medium and happy balance of like, ‘Hey, let’s be realistic with what we’re going to ask you to do this season and make sure that you’re getting the time and reps on those things,’ and man, I thought the last three days has been really great from that standpoint. That communication between me and the staff and what that is has been really good as well.”

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