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Teddy Bridgewater To Remain Broncos Starting Quarterback

Despite making a high-profile mistake on Sunday, Denver Broncos quarterback Teddy Bridgewater retains the support of his coach and teammates.

The Broncos were blown out 30-13 by the Eagles, and all of the blame has been placed on Teddy Bridgewater.

His lack of an attempt to tackle Philadelphia cornerback Darius Slay on an 83-yard fumble return for a touchdown was an error. According to Teddy Bridgewater himself, it was the worst error he’s had to analyze in his career. 

ESPN’s Rex Ryan said that Bridgewater should have been benched after the play. However, Broncos coach Vic Fangio disagrees.


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“I respect Rex and his opinion, but I don’t agree with him at this point,” Fangio said. “Teddy is our quarterback.”

“I’m with my quarterback and I’m going to ride with him,” Broncos defensive end Shelby Harris said.

“It definitely was (the worst mistake to watch again), especially when you slow it down,” Bridgewater said. “In real time it’s like everything’s happening fast. You’ve got the sideline to your advantage … and then when you slow it down with the clicker in your hand, it’s like man, this is bad. … Hopefully I never have to be put in that situation again, and if I am make sure that I lay it all on the line.”


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“I’m right there, the opportunity to just dive, sacrifice, do whatever I can to help the team, and in that moment I failed,” Bridgewater said. “I own up to it. … That’s one of those moments I have to own up to the fact I didn’t give everything I had in me on that play.”

The Denver Broncos dropped to 5-5 on the season as they enter their bye week.

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