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Thames is a Mirror Image of San Diego State Coach Fisher

Xavier Thames, the 23-year guard for San Diego State is an exact replica of his head coach Steve Fisher’s conduct and coaching. His skills equal the former Fab Five, who were recruited and coached by Fisher at Michigan during the 1980s, with his sensitive, calm and reflective demeanor.

Thames, much like his coach Fisher redirects every question regarding his individual performance back to the team. For instance, when asked how he scored 30 points against North Dakota State in the round of 32.

He quickly explained that it was thanks to teammates that he was able to get such easy shots, how Coach Fisher trusted him to be the court general and how his work was easier than it looked.

He does not refer to himself as the star on the team; he says the stats just make it appear that way.

Fisher said X for Xavier will receive many accolades, but he should, as he is fantastic and special. However, we are a team said Fisher. Many coaches and players say that, but it is what both Fisher and Thames actually mean.

Coach Fisher says what sets apart X from so many others is how sincere he is. He cares very much about others, which Fisher said is shown in all that he does. He is sensitive to how others feel and that, said Fisher has helped make him such a talent.

Fisher should know it is exactly that, that has made him such a good coach.

Former and current players admire and applaud the way Fisher can relate to every individual player even though he has more than a 50-year age difference.

He is 69 and still has problems working his iPhone, but no one is better to ask about life, school or basketball.

His policy is that his door is always open. His players before, now and in the future know he has something to share about life to anyone that wants to hear it.

His personality is what attracted Thames back to the Aztecs. He was recruited to play for the Aztecs when he graduated from high school, but went instead to Washington State. Shortly thereafter, the entire coaching staff at Washington State left to coach in Virginia.

Thames remained for a year as a Cougar, but searched for a new home. Thames eventually transferred to San Diego State, and it quickly became apparent to him that he saw game film the way that Fisher did and helped his teammates just the way Fisher did.

Now the Aztecs, thanks to Fisher, Thames and the entire team are back playing the Sweet 16.

Fisher and Thames have become so close the two are open with one another and do not have to worry about stepping on toes.

Thames has had two excellent career-like performances in the round of 64 and 32, but Fisher and Thames both want to believe the best is still in front of them, and of course, the rest of the Aztecs team.

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