The Best Teams in the Pac 12

We are roughly at the mid-way point of the NCAA basketball season.  With March Madness right around the corner what better time than now to take a look at the best teams in the Pac 12 division.

Arizona Wildcats

Despite losses against the Ducks and SDSU and not sitting atop the PAC 12, the Arizona Wildcats are the highest ranked team in the Pac 12 according to the AP polls.  They sit at number 8 in the nation.  They do not have the most comfortable schedule coming up either.  They have another game against SDSU on the horizon and also have a match up against UCLA and Standford coming up.  The Wildcats can ask the Ducks about how quickly both those teams can pull out an upset.

Last time Bovada updated their future odds the Wildcats sat at 15/1 to win the NCAA championship.

Oregon Ducks

The Oregon Ducks currently have the honor of being 7-1 in the Pac 12 division, which is enough to put them at number on in the Pac 12.  However, the Wildcats have a better overall record.  The Ducks are 18-3 overall.  The Ducks, though, have somewhat of an edge over the Wildcats as they hold a victory over them.

The AP poll ranks Oregon below Arizona and Oregon’s odds of winning the NCAA championship last month were 100/1.

Other than the Wildcats, the Ducks have not beat anyone noteworthy, except perhaps UCLA.  Oregon has also lost its last two games, against Standford and California.  They will have to face both those teams again in the very near future.  Oregon is currently ranked 10th in the nation on the AP polls.

Arizona State

It seems unlikely, however, Arizona State still has a chance of getting to the top of the Pac 12 and even popping up in the national rankings.  The Sun Devils are 6-2 in the division and 17-4 overall.  If they can avoid losing and keep putting up Ws they could eventually surpass both the Ducks and the Wildcats.

The Sun Devils have a rough schedule coming up with games against UCLA, Stanford and Arizona.  The Sun Devils have proven they can hang with the best though as they hold key wins against Colorado and UCLA.

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