The Big Match Up Between Michigan State Vs. Oregon

For the last few years Oregon has fit into the Top 25 college teams in the nation. In fact, it is more accurate to say the top 15 as they never finished above that standing in the last four years.

Michigan State is the new kid on the block, so to speak. They are very similar, defensively, to Oregon’s rival Stanford and are literally looking to push Stanford out of the National picture and take their place. A good place to start would be beating the Ducks.

Sure this division match up would be interesting regardless of what kind of spin you put on it, but in all truthfulness this game is going to come down to one match up: Michigan State’s  seemingly unstoppable defense, versus Oregon’s quick-lightening offense.

Michigan State’s defensive line is a nearly impenetrable wall. The line, consisting of such players as Marcus Rush and Shilique Calhoun plug holes leaving little room to punch through. If a runner does manage to punch through then the team’s line backers, which combined for 33 tackles for a loss last year, took care of business. Not to mention Michigan State’s secondary, which are among the best pass defenders in the Big 10.

Some of the players that helped shape Michigan State’s defense are gone, which begs the question is this team going to slip this season? Based on the team’s football philosophy the answer is no.

Oregon has less question marks when it comes to their offense. They have a system set up where they can swap running backs in and out with their Chip Kelly-like, speedy offense. If Oregon can out run Michigan State’s defense then they will have this game in the bag.

Michigan State finished their season as the No. 1 defense, while Oregon finished up their run with the No. 4 offense. With much of their rosters remaining intact this is going to be a collision and something has got to give and whichever side doesn’t will walk away the victor.

Oregon are the favorites to win this one at the sports books. The game starts at 6:30 p.m. ET.

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