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The Dallas Cowboys Still Look Like The Dallas Cowboys

If Week 1 was any indication, then it is clear that the Dallas Cowboys are going to be essentially the same team we have seen for the last few years.

The Cowboys took a 28-17 loss to the San Francisco 49ers in Week 1. The game felt like much more of a blowout for those who watched the game from start to finish, and much of the blame has been placed on the shoulders of the face of the Cowboys, Tony Romo.

Romo threw three interceptions and showed horrible decision making in the first half of the game. Romo did manage to throw a touchdown in the fourth quarter when the game was well out of reach. This extends Romo’s stream of touchdown passes to 29 games in a row. An impressive stat for Romo but one that is not transferring over into success for his team.

In Romo’s defense this was his first game off of back surgery and he was limited during practice time and barley stepped foot on the field during the preseason. A little field-rust is perhaps understandable. Though, making three interceptions on first down situations seem like it might be beyond only field-rust.

There was also several times during the game, sometimes in both red zone and 2nd and 1 situation, where Romo called audibles to switch the play from run to pass. The result of this at one point was Romo getting sacked, forcing his team to settle for a field goal.

What are the Cowboys to do?

Well Romo just signed a huge $108 million contract extension, despite a lot of rumblings that the Cowboys were eyeing Johnny Manziel. What that means is that Romo will be the face of the Cowboys for a long time coming.


That is not as bad as it sounds though. Romo is not always terrible. In fact, sometimes he looks like a quarterback that could lead his team to the Super Bowl, however, in the next game he often drops the ball, both figuratively and literally.

Even the sports books have began to count out the Cowboys, who now have a staggering 100/1 odds of winning the Super Bowl.

Here is a prediction for the Cowboys this season, they are going win some games, just enough to give their fans hope. They may even find themselves in the playoffs, but do not expect them to do much more than that, because they never do.


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