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The Redskins backs are still against the wall

All odds come from Bovada.

Two weeks ago the Washington Redskins Superbowl Odds were 200/1.  It is stayed at that point all season.  Last week they were at 90/1.  Then came Robert Griffin III Monday Night Football debut.

RGIII became the first rook quarterback to throw for more than 2,000 yards on the season and snapped a 10 game MNF home game losing streak for the Redskins.  The Redskins defeated division rivals, the New York Giants 16-17.   The Redskins have now won their last three division games.  RGIII had nine touchdowns and one interception in those games.  RGIII is hot is what I am getting at.

With this win we now have a huge division race.  The New York Giants are now barley clinging to the NFC East with both the Redskins and Dallas Cowboys, after their victory over the Philidelphia Eagles on Sunday, hot on their trail with 6-6 records.   The Redskins Super Bowl odds were once listed at the very bottom of the Bovada odds is now at 50/1, but I think those odds should be better.

The Redskins are looking to make all the sports pundits and analysts that called them a “next year team” eat their words.   They are not quite fight in the middle of the ring yet, however.  Their backs are still against the cage.

The Redskins has a rough week next week as they take on the rough hitting and potential sleeper team to win the Super Bowl, the Baltimore Ravens.  If the Redskins can defeat the Ravens it will be a huge statement and could potentially give them enough momentum to launch them through their final three games undefeated.  Let us assume though that the odds are correct and see what the Redskins final four games will leave their record.

Redskins versus

Ravens – Redskins Lose

Browns -Redskins Win

Eagles – Redskins Win

Cowboys – Redskins Lose (the odds are very close on this game)

Redskins finish season 8-8

Lets let at the other division contenders final four games as well.

Dallas Cowboys versus

Bengals- Cowboys Win

Steelers – Cowboys Lose

Saints – Cowboys Win

Redskins – Cowboys Win

Cowboys finish season 9-7

New York Giatns

Saints – Giants Win

Falcons – Giants Lose

Ravens – Giants Lose

Eagles – Giants Win

Giants finish 9-7

The Giants could easily upset the Falcons or the Ravens and take the division by an even larger margin.  In other words, the Redskins will have to upset either the Cowboys, the Ravens or both in order to have a shot at the division.  While at the same time hoping that both the Cowboys and Giants lose the games that according to the odds they should lose.

The Redskins backs are still against the wall.

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