The Three Biggest Picks In This Year’s Draft

And just like that, the 2014 NBA draft is said and done. There weren’t a whole lot of surprises, however, there were still some players picked that are going to have a huge impact on their team.

Julius Randle Picked No. 7 By The Los Angeles Lakers

Julius Randle was expected to go earlier than No.7 but when he was still around the Los Angeles Lakers jumped at the opportunity and scooped him up.

Randle’s defense is questionable and he has a reputation for trying to do too much on his own offensively, however, working closely with Kobe Bryant will do nothing but sharpen his skills.

The Lakers are hoping that Randle will be the eventual superstar to fill the shoes left when Kobe Bryant retires. Whether or not he is up for the task time will tell, but he has got a pretty good shot at doing so.

Shabazz Napier Picked No. 24 By The Miami Heat

The Miami Heat gave up the No. 26 pick, the No. 55 pick and a future second round pick to the Charlotte Hornet to pick arguably the best point guard in the draft in Shabazz Napier.

LeBron James said that the only PG to draft was Naiper and if he stays in Miami he’ll have a chance to play alongside the guy he spoke so highly of.

There are a lot of questions marks in Miami right now but one them is not Napier who will play a significant role in Miami long after the Big Three era.

Andrew Wiggins Picked No. 1 By The Cleveland Cavaliers

Andrew Wiggins’ will join an already young Cleveland Cavalier squad and will taking over the position left open by James all those years ago.

The addition of Wiggins to the all-ready talented Cavs could give the team the last push they need to be serious title contenders.

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