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This Week In Fail – March 16, 2013

It is tournament season in the NCAA and the playoff race is on in the NBA.  The pressure is on these teams  and players which means many of them will fall flat on their faces into failure.  It is time to criticize those who have done just that throughout the week.


Last week I mentioned how it looked like I would not get to talk about Kentucky as failures.  Well even the best are wrong.

Kentucky was battling in Nashville for the right to go on in the SEC Tournament.  They should have still been riding high on Friday after an upset victory against the Florida Gators a little over a week ago, but they weren’t.  Instead of making a statement by winning the SEC Tournament they got knocked out of the tourney by being completely annihilated by an underdog team in Vanderbilt.  Vandy beat the Wildcats 64-48.

Dahntay Jones


I have said it before, I don’t think Kobe Bryant needs to worry about playing the blame game on who caused his ankle injury.  He needs to focus on getting healthy ASAP so the Lakers can make a run at the playoffs.  However, my name isn’t Kobe Bryant so I can play the blame game all I want.

Anyone who has ever played a game of pick up basketball knows not to get under a player when they go for a jumper.  When you do get a foot or your body under  a player who is shooting the proverbial “J” you risk injuring them becasue you force them to come down awkwardly.  I find it hard to believe that Dahantay Jones does not have the same court awareness that I do.

Of course, it easy to say that.  Perhaps Jones just got caught up in the moment of a close game.  Either way, it was a dirty play accident or not.

Golden State Warriors

When you are team in the Western Conference at the moment and are anything above a number 5 seed, you are fighting for your playoff life in every game.  The playoff race is tight in the Western Conference with a handful of teams very capable of taking down seeds 6-8 in just a few games.  That is why when a team visits you that is 5-5 on their last ten games and you are a number 6 seed you have to blow past a team who is on a rough streak.  The Golden State Warriros defense, however, decided to stay away from The Oracle Arena on Friday night, and the Chicago Bulls, who were 5-5  on their last ten going into this game and lost by  more than 40 points the night before, defeated the Warriors 113-95.

When you are playing for a playoff spot in ever game you have to show you deserve it every game, Warriors.

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