Tim Tebow Prop Bets


Whether you love or hate Tim Tebow, sports fans everywhere seem to be enamored with him and his story. So, even though many think he doesn’t deserve a spot on an NFL team, sports fans (and especially sports writers) are thrilled that the New England Patriots kept him a part of the league by signing him this offseason, if only to give NFL followers something more to talk about.

And when it concerns Tebow, the talk and the debate is always ongoing. The intriguing storylines involving the enigmatic quarterback seem to bring up more questions than answers, which of course, are perfect fodder for fun wagers. Yes, we are talking about Tim Tebow prop bets, and thankfully they exist thanks to the forward-thinking folks at Bovada.

Bovada’s props tackle some of the most pressing questions surrounding Tebow’s upcoming season with the Pats and knowing what we do about Tebow and the wily sweatshirt-wearing genius Bill Belichick, it’s likely that Tebow will become an important cog in the Patriots’ offensive machine. But how significant of a role will Tebow play? That’s more of an uncertainty, so join us in speculating as we make our Tebow prop bet picks!

Will He Make Patriots 53-Man Week 1 Roster? Yes: -400, No: +250

Obviously, we’d like to think Tebow will make the Patriots’ team, but it’s definitely not a sure thing. However, considering the Patriots already released their former third-string quarterback, Mike Kafka, to specifically make room for Tebow as a QB, it’s a pretty safe bet. The Pats went out of their way to snag Tebow for a reason – and probably more than one, since he could play several positions – so bet Yes on this one.

Will He Start a Game at QB for the Patriots in the 2013 Regular Season? Yes: +600, No: -1200

Now, this one is far more unlikely. I mean, just look at the line here. The only way Tebow would start is if Tom Brady and Ryan Mallett both went down with injuries, and even then, the Patriots could go out and sign a veteran free agent to fill in. Even though bettors stand to make big money by correcting guessing on Yes, the chances are so slim that I would take the easy money and go No here.

Will He Throw a TD Pass in the 2013 Regular Season? Yes: +200, No: -300

Although Tebow almost assuredly won’t start a game at QB this year, that doesn’t mean he won’t have an opportunity to contribute in a major way. Belichick is known for giving versatile players like Tebow chances to score in the red zone, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Tebow gets some shots at throwing a touchdown, especially in games where the Patriots are blowing out an opponent – which we know will occur at some point this year. I like a Yes wager on this one.

Total Rushing & Receiving Touchdowns in the 2013 Regular Season – Over 1.5: -120, Under 1.5: -120

If we go off our pick from the last prop bet, then we naturally have to go with the over on this one, right? As mentioned above, Tebow will probably get several opportunities near the goaline and most of those will more than likely be as a runner. So, if he throws for at least one score and rushes for at least one, then…well…you can do the math. Take the Over on this bet.

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