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Tom Brady Anoints His Four Possible Successors

Last season, now-retired for good quarterback Tom Brady wasn’t too kind about the quality of football in the NFL.

“I think there’s a lot of bad football from what I watch,” he said at the time. “I watch a lot of bad football. Poor quality of football. That’s what I see.”

However he knows a little about good quarterbacking and Tom Brady acknowledges the caliber of the next generation.

In the wake of Super Bowl 57, the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes are tipped to build a Patriots style dynasty. 


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Tom Brady named Mahomes as well as Jalen Hurts, Josh Allen and Joe Burrow as capable of mirroring his legacy. 

“I hope these other guys like Patrick can play a long time,” Brady said. “And Jalen can play a long time. And Josh (Allen) and Joe Burrow and these tremendous players that bring so much. That’s why we watch — not because of the color of the jerseys, because of the players in the jerseys.

“I felt Jalen played incredible,” Brady said. “Patrick played really clutch when he had to. And it was a very fitting end to a great season. And the two best teams throughout the course of the year were in the Super Bowl, and they played really one of the great games all season. So it was really fun to watch.”


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“So I hope the good players keep playing. That’s what my hope is. That’s what I tried to do. And now you hope that the next generation does that and I hope they have the tools necessary to do that. I was very fortunate to work with a guy, Alex (Guerrero), who is my best friend, a brother to me and taught me so much.”

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