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Tom Brady: I’ll Be Forgotten Here Soon

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady continues to defy his age as the NFL shifts to younger and younger quarterbacks.

The legendary signal-caller was struck by the prevalence of first and second year quarterbacks in Week 1.

Tagovailoa, Herbert, Burrow, Lawrence, Fields, Lance, Wilson and Jones represent the next class of elite NFL quarterbacks. You also have Prescott, Mahomes, Jackson, Allen, Murray and Mayfield establishing themselves.

Tom Brady is the last man standing from the era of Brees, Eli Manning, Rivers and Peyton Manning.


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Tom Brady, 43, would naturally notice such a large number of young quarterbacks playing. However, it isn’t only the paranoia of an aging player.

Sunday marked the first time since 1970 that three rookie quarterbacks started Week 1 in the NFL.

“I don’t remember this many rookies playing,” Brady said.

“Even the second-year guys. Tua (Tagovailoa), (Justin) Herbert, (Joe) Burrow, Trevor Lawrence. (Justin) Fields played a little bit. Trey Lance played a little bit. Zach Wilson is playing. Mac Jones is playing. That’s a lot of young quarterbacks. Gone are the days of Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Philip Rivers, Eli Manning.” 


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You know, those are the guys I’m used to hearing about. …

“I’ll be forgotten here soon. I’ll move on and they’ll be onto someone else but that’s just the way football goes, as does life.”

Lawrence, Wilson and Jones all lost on their NFL debuts. In spite of this, rookie quarterbacks have arguably never been better prepared to hit the ground running.

Tom Brady has never been a man to shy away from competition. And for now, he’s still the MVP.

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